About us

At Lexicon Real Estate Management, LLC, our mission is to streamline the everyday management of properties for our valued clientele. Committed to delivering comprehensive property management solutions, we proudly serve our clients across the Chicagoland area.

Our roots are firmly planted in University Park, IL, and our services extend to meet the diverse needs of customers throughout the southern and southwestern suburbs of Chicago.

With our robust portfolio of success, Lexicon stands out for its rigorous training programs, deep well of experience, and a team of devoted professionals. These pillars of excellence have established us as one of the most reliable and respected management firms in Illinois.


What We Do

Lexicon Real Estate Management, LLC specializes in the meticulous oversight of daily property operations, offering a suite of full-service management solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our Chicagoland clientele. Our unwavering dedication to excellence in property management ensures that every aspect of your real estate is handled with professionalism and precision.


Licensed in Illinois, our Real Estate Brokerage adeptly manages property acquisitions ranging from single homes to entire communities, providing a smooth purchasing process with our wide-ranging expertise across all property types.


We offer trusted tenant care services to our clients including full real estate maintenance, leasing agreements and more.

We help with financial responsibilities such as tenant rent collections, non-payment evictions, and disputes. Contact us to see how we can help you.


As your ally in sales, we deploy our profound expertise and robust resources to maximize your investment returns. Our strategic, refined approach ensures a profitable, seamless experience, with every detail managed to the highest standard of excellence.

Lexicon Real Estate Management was instrumental in the management of my apartment units. They surpassed what we had anticipated by introducing innovative efficiencies, optimizing our operations, and simplifying the entire experience of being a property owner.

Mark S.


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